The Everlasting Hymn

The stunning Binding of Isaac: Rebirth soundtrack by Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans aka Ridculon is now up for preorder on both Bandcamp and tomorrow it should be up on Steam.

those of you who preorder rebirth on steam will get 33% off the asking price, and those who like to be generous can offer more on their bandcamp page.

either way anyone who preorders on (edit:9/17) the bandcamp page will get all 5 fully mastered tracks we have spoiled over the months plus my personal favorite track, Everlasting Hymn.

- Steam has no way of allowing for early content to be released when it comes to soundtracks, so preordering on steam will get you the discount, but not the early tracks, that is exclusive to bandcamp -

the full album will feature 31 tracks to give you nightmares and cause a few mosh pits. you can see the full track listing here.

its hard not to gush about how happy i am with this soundtrack, i think its easily one of the best game soundtracks for any game ive worked on and Matthias and Jon really outdid themselves on this album.


maximum volume yields maximum results.



how did i miss this amazing isaac fan art? kudos to the creator!

how did i miss this amazing isaac fan art? kudos to the creator!

Rebirth gets Flashy!

ill start this post by mentioning again that Rebirth is up for preorder on steam! (game comes out on nov.4th)image

Those of you who preorder and own the original on steam will get 33% off the price! 

our 1st 3 days of preorder sales have been mind blowing.. i cant talk numbers but i can say that we sold more than triple what Dead Rising 3 sold on their launch day.. and that is astounding. so extra thanks go out to all the fans that have supported Rebirth! we are pushing a few extras in just for you guys!

and now on to what you came here for, Monday’s dev blog post, its time to talk Flash!

as many of you know, i personally think the original games art looks terrible. now im not talking about the character design, but the art itself. the walls look like mud, isaac looks deformed and my lines are very inconsistent. all of the art in isaac was done in less than 2 months, part time, i rushed every aspect of it and it was the 1st thing i wanted to change when we started rebirth.

i think the new look is a huge improvement over the original, but you can see for yourself.


you can see tons more side by side pics - here - 

now even with these obvious improvements graphically, i still hear the echoing grumble “butttt i haaaaaate pixels!!!”… well butthole, this post is for you! because guess what, the team added a flash filter just for you! 

(view them full size for better effect)



look ma, no pixels! 


we actually added this filter as a joke, and decided it would be funny to put it in options as a serious feature.. just in case the mobs start grabbing torches and pitchforks.

the flash filter is just one of a few filters that were added to the game. here is another.


these other filters are accessed by using “secret seed codes”, rebirth will feature 50+ secret codes that can be found within the game. these codes will change how the game plays/looks/sounds/etc. mostly for fun but a few of the codes we especially added as little challenges and/or to be played in speed runs or the like. 

this is the code for the arcade filter.image

and that’s about all for today, next week maybe we will talk more about the soundtrack? or maybe officially reveal a few things we teased in the trailer? what do you want next weeks post to be out?

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth release date trailer!

watch it at 1080p for the ideal effect ;)

We are officially taking preorders on steam here

if you own the original on steam and preorder before the nov.4th release you will get 33% off the price! regardless of what you paid for the original!!! 

extra special thanks to James ID for somehow topping himself and making one of the weirdest trailers ive ever seen… tell your friends!

Binding of isaac: Rebirth! Nov.4th ps4, Psvita and Steam (pc+mac)

Preorder now!


and for those looking for *spoilers* need to check out this live co-op gameplay session that Tyrone did with Man vs Game on Twitch.

Its a treasure trove of spoilery goodness! 

See you Monday!



9 lives?
in 2002 i was an animal control officer for the SC county, i had worked the job for about a year and usually worked by myself.
On aug. 19th we got a call for 6 kittens left abandoned in a planter box by a local theater, the maintenance man heard them crying when he watered the flowers and called it in.
I took the call and when i found the kittens i counted 7, they were all newly born mostly calico or black cats covered in fleas, the mother was no where to be found, i loaded them up in a carrier and left.
i knew we had no mother cats at the SPCA and that all of the kittens would need to be put down without a mother at this age… i also knew it was recently Danielle’s birthday and the call was for 6 kittens not 7.
i stopped by my house on the way back, and told Danielle to take the kitten she thought looked the most healthy, and she picked a chubby little tuxedo boy. as i went back to work Danielle rode her bike to PetsMart where she got some stuff for a flea bath, bottle and formula, gently bathed him and started to bottle feed him.
This was Guppy.
Guppy was our only cat for 7 years, he was a very odd lil boy. he hated people, he was scared of the outdoors and had a habit of making direct eye contact and never looking away. he was extremely loving to us, a great majority of my games were made with him laying his head on my right arm while i drew with my left. 
Guppy was Danielle and my mascot, we included him in almost everything we did and every video we made.

last week on the anniversary of the day we got him, guppy passed away. its hard to avoid the fact that such a significant part of our lives who was never intended to exists was with us for 12 years and left on the anniversary of the day we first saw him. 
it’s impossible to put into words how significant Guppy was to both of us, he was our 1st baby and we both loved him greatly.. 12 years feels like a short amount of time but im so grateful for the time i got to spend with him, our little ghost kitty.
in his honor this week i’ll be showing a Guppy Item, Guppy’s collar. 


wearing his collar grants the user a 50% chance of coming back to life at half a heart in the previous room. 

I leave all that i own to you my little Gup.

Lets play some Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Co-op!

featuring Danielle!

hey another badass isaac fan art.. sadly i not sure who the artist is.. but whoever you are you are quite cool!

hey another badass isaac fan art.. sadly i not sure who the artist is.. but whoever you are you are quite cool!

I have Worms!

Round Worms to be specific…


as my design doc says, round worms are the early game alt to the parabite. They go along with rebirths minor worm theme. 

image the closer we get to release the less i want to spoil.. but i did promise you a video.. so here is the 1st vid of rebirth in its near final state. we are still tweaking things visually and the game is missing a few sound effects but this is basically what you will be getting on release.

i wish youtube made it look as crisp as it does when you play.. oh well.


Easily one of the best binding of isaac fan art ever created!
by SpineBender

Easily one of the best binding of isaac fan art ever created!

by SpineBender

The Devil’s in the Details

a few weeks back i talked about some minor but important changes in rebirth, one of them being able to empty your pockets by holding the map button… well this extra button has more than a few uses.. but first lets reveal a new item (yet another store exclusive) The Starter Deck.


The Starter Deck allows you to carry 2 cards with you at all times, generates a card on pickup and makes it so from then on pills no longer appear. this item combos well with a few other new items in the game, but really im just using this item as an excuse to show a few new aspects of the game.


In this gif above you can see me generating a 2nd card via the “deck of cards” then using the map button to switch through what active card i’d like to use. the same system is applied to pills as well. 

if you pay closer attention youll notice that when i press the map button you will also see my current play time (wip) as well as info on my active card.

Item info was something ive gone back and forth on for awhile while deving rebirth… i had designed isaac to be a mystery, i enjoyed the fact that players had to experiment and remember what items did in order to use them well enough… sadly a large majority of people dont experience the game like this due to the wiki or being spoiled by lets players. 

i wanted to make a logical choice with rebirth that acted as some kind of middle ground for people, so ive decided to add “cryptic” info on all items in the game, including cards. at this point there are twice as many items in the game as before and i think it’s pretty illogical for me to expect players to remember them all, i think the added info will hint at what items do before they are used and possibly spark their memories if they find them again in another play through. 

hidden aspects of items will remain, as you can see the jokers info is just ??? so dont go in thinking all the mystery will be gone.

oh also heres a little main menu (wip) options tease for those of you who keep asking if we will support XYZ


i think maybe next week its time for some 60fps video… these gifs just aint cutting it anymore.