9 lives?
in 2002 i was an animal control officer for the SC county, i had worked the job for about a year and usually worked by myself.
On aug. 19th we got a call for 6 kittens left abandoned in a planter box by a local theater, the maintenance man heard them crying when he watered the flowers and called it in.
I took the call and when i found the kittens i counted 7, they were all newly born mostly calico or black cats covered in fleas, the mother was no where to be found, i loaded them up in a carrier and left.
i knew we had no mother cats at the SPCA and that all of the kittens would need to be put down without a mother at this age… i also knew it was recently Danielle’s birthday and the call was for 6 kittens not 7.
i stopped by my house on the way back, and told Danielle to take the kitten she thought looked the most healthy, and she picked a chubby little tuxedo boy. as i went back to work Danielle rode her bike to PetsMart where she got some stuff for a flea bath, bottle and formula, gently bathed him and started to bottle feed him.
This was Guppy.
Guppy was our only cat for 7 years, he was a very odd lil boy. he hated people, he was scared of the outdoors and had a habit of making direct eye contact and never looking away. he was extremely loving to us, a great majority of my games were made with him laying his head on my right arm while i drew with my left. 
Guppy was Danielle and my mascot, we included him in almost everything we did and every video we made.

last week on the anniversary of the day we got him, guppy passed away. its hard to avoid the fact that such a significant part of our lives who was never intended to exists was with us for 12 years and left on the anniversary of the day we first saw him. 
it’s impossible to put into words how significant Guppy was to both of us, he was our 1st baby and we both loved him greatly.. 12 years feels like a short amount of time but im so grateful for the time i got to spend with him, our little ghost kitty.
in his honor this week i’ll be showing a Guppy Item, Guppy’s collar. 


wearing his collar grants the user a 50% chance of coming back to life at half a heart in the previous room. 

I leave all that i own to you my little Gup.

Lets play some Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Co-op!

featuring Danielle!

hey another badass isaac fan art.. sadly i not sure who the artist is.. but whoever you are you are quite cool!

hey another badass isaac fan art.. sadly i not sure who the artist is.. but whoever you are you are quite cool!

I have Worms!

Round Worms to be specific…


as my design doc says, round worms are the early game alt to the parabite. They go along with rebirths minor worm theme. 

image the closer we get to release the less i want to spoil.. but i did promise you a video.. so here is the 1st vid of rebirth in its near final state. we are still tweaking things visually and the game is missing a few sound effects but this is basically what you will be getting on release.

i wish youtube made it look as crisp as it does when you play.. oh well.


Easily one of the best binding of isaac fan art ever created!
by SpineBender

Easily one of the best binding of isaac fan art ever created!

by SpineBender

The Devil’s in the Details

a few weeks back i talked about some minor but important changes in rebirth, one of them being able to empty your pockets by holding the map button… well this extra button has more than a few uses.. but first lets reveal a new item (yet another store exclusive) The Starter Deck.


The Starter Deck allows you to carry 2 cards with you at all times, generates a card on pickup and makes it so from then on pills no longer appear. this item combos well with a few other new items in the game, but really im just using this item as an excuse to show a few new aspects of the game.


In this gif above you can see me generating a 2nd card via the “deck of cards” then using the map button to switch through what active card i’d like to use. the same system is applied to pills as well. 

if you pay closer attention youll notice that when i press the map button you will also see my current play time (wip) as well as info on my active card.

Item info was something ive gone back and forth on for awhile while deving rebirth… i had designed isaac to be a mystery, i enjoyed the fact that players had to experiment and remember what items did in order to use them well enough… sadly a large majority of people dont experience the game like this due to the wiki or being spoiled by lets players. 

i wanted to make a logical choice with rebirth that acted as some kind of middle ground for people, so ive decided to add “cryptic” info on all items in the game, including cards. at this point there are twice as many items in the game as before and i think it’s pretty illogical for me to expect players to remember them all, i think the added info will hint at what items do before they are used and possibly spark their memories if they find them again in another play through. 

hidden aspects of items will remain, as you can see the jokers info is just ??? so dont go in thinking all the mystery will be gone.

oh also heres a little main menu (wip) options tease for those of you who keep asking if we will support XYZ


i think maybe next week its time for some 60fps video… these gifs just aint cutting it anymore. 

The Birth of Rebirth

Hello, I’m not Edmund McMillen. I’m Tyrone Rodriguez, part of Nicalis—the developer/publisher working with Ed on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I’ve taken over the blog for today’s update, which will have a focus on console along with new information seeds.

You probably don’t know who the hell I am. I’ve worked on other games like Cave Story and more recently 1001 Spikes.

To tell you what you should expect on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita I have to take you back to how we started. Isaac Rebirth was originally envisioned as a 3DS game back in 2012 by Ed and I. With that said, the native resolution of The Binding of Isaac was going to be 400x240. However, some things had to be changed once we increased the scope of the game and went the way of PlayStation 4 and PS Vita instead of 3DS.

For PlayStation 4, PS Vita and even PC the native resolution is 480x272. Why such an odd resolution? Aside from being the most versatile resolution across PC and most consoles with semi-16:9 screen, this resolution is a good fit for pixel art AND lets us we get everything we need on-screen in Rebirth.

The differences between the PS Vita and PS4 versions will be generally visual/superficial. The PS Vita DOES NOT have the CPU/GPU of the PS4 and that means not all the crazy special effects and shaders will be in the PS Vita version. Visually, there’s A LOT going on with Rebirth and on Vita we’ve prioritized the game feeling good and being fun. Anyone who’s played the flash version of Isaac can tell you trying to play at 10fps is anything but fun. That doesn’t mean the Vita version won’t look awesome, it just means that if you want all the visual effects, you’ll be play on PS4 or PC. If you want to play anywhere, you’ll be playing on Vita.

But what you will get with the PS Vita (and PS4) is a console version of Rebirth that will run at 60 fps (the original flash version was 30 fps) with analog/digital control support and fully configurable control mapping. So now everyone will be happy—even southpaws.


PlayStation 4 Control

By default, you’ll move and shoot using both digital and analog controls. That way you can play with analog movement and analog firing, analog movement and digital firing or any combination. The pill, item and bomb are all, by default, set to the shoulder buttons.


PS Vita Control

The PlayStation Vita is “missing” two additional buttons, but we’ve found a decent work around. The general configuration will be similar to PS4 in that, by default, both digital and analog input work for movement and firing. The shoulder buttons are used for Pill and Bomb and the Select button is used for Item.

Changing map size is handled with the front touch screen. We’ve put a border around the touch screen so that you don’t activate the larger map by accident. There is no use for the rear touch because it’s not precise.


Because The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has a fully configurable button setup. You can literally set the buttons as you like. And we’re certain that you’ll change them around almost instantly. For example, on Vita, if you know you only play with analog movement and firing, then you can move all the vital inputs to the face buttons and not have to mess around with the shoulder buttons.



So you’ve heard Ed and I mention unique seeds for Isaac Rebirth, but we haven’t told you everything, not entirely. As part of today’s update, let’s give you some more information on them

What you probably do know is that in the original Binding of Isaac (that is, the flash version), floors were produced randomly the moment you entered them. In Rebirth, the seed determines every floor layout, room, enemy and item in the run. There are 2^32 - 1 or 4,294,967,295 possible seeds—over 4 BILLION combinations.

And what this means is that if you’re playing and find a really fun or challenging run, you can find out the seed, write it down and replay it later or send it to your friends.

If you and your friend have a different set of items unlocked, you will mostly see the same items in the same places, but any items the seed generates which you haven’t unlocked will be replaced with one you do have.

However, you will not be able to unlock anything while you are playing a seeded run, so you can’t cheat to unlock everything easily.

Lastly, the seed is 8 characters in the format ABCD EFGH with all alphanumeric characters allowed except the letters I, O, U, and V—because those look too much like other letters.

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The Jar has appeared in the basement!

This week we will be spoiling another new item, this time it comes in the form of a usable item found exclusively in stores… the Jar.


The Jar is a new item that really sticks out for me due to how unique it actually is. it essentially acts as 4 empty container hearts for you to fill up and use as you wish, you just need to find the hearts to make it work.

advanced players will find a whole lot of uses for this item, its not the holy grail of breaking but ive found some pretty great exploits using it in tricky ways.


the game is currently nearing completion and we are in the heavy tuning/polish phase. maybe next week you will see the 1st actual video footage of the game in motion? or maybe tyrone will help me out with a little console info update? who knows.. maybe ill be dead by then. 

Trinkets and Worms and Maps… oh my?

one of the most common questions i get asked a ton on tumblr is are any old items from isaac being removed/replaced? and the answer is yes.. but most are just getting moved around.

an item that a lot of people hated in isaac was the wiggle worm.. but it was so cool… i didnt want to get rid of it! so one of the 1st things i did in rebirth was had it moved down to a trinket. the wiggle worm is one of 18 new trinkets in rebirth, and one of 6 worm type trinkets that change how your shots move/act once you shoot them.

this is the Round worm trinket in effect. (am i the only one who played festers quest?)



but the wiggle worm isnt the only item that has moved around, the Polaroid has been now moved up to an item (i hope yo are happy!). there are a few subtle changes to old items and even some visual make overs (max’s head is now crickets head, based off our newest cat cricket).

another big make over in rebirth is the map.

many of you have been bitchin about it.. assuming thats all there is to work with.. but thats just the MINI MAP! nice and out of the way. i hated how clunky the hud was before so i wanted thinks to be as neat and tidy as possible in rebirth.


as you can see in rebirth pressing the “map” button once will display the fullsized map on the upper right of the screen, this can be toggled on and off and holding the map button will make the full map opaque.

another use for this new button is something many advanced players have requested a lot, if you press and hold map for a few seconds isaac will empty out his pockets, meaning all held pick up items (trinkets, cards, pills) will be tossed to the ground around isaac… but that tick isnt coming off!

next week ill talk more about the shop item pool and reveal a shop exclusive item… ill give you a hint on what it is, you should never stick this item in your butt.. but i know of one guy who has….


this was too amazing to not share here.
art by Angela Siphaengphet https://twitter.com/Perplexmate

this was too amazing to not share here.

art by Angela Siphaengphet https://twitter.com/Perplexmate