Dis Post is Da Bomb!
It's Tyrone and I'm taking over today's update!

Adrian and I thought it'd be fun to give you a themed update. So today
is officially bombday. We're going to cover some of the really fun
bomb weapons in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Let's start with an oldie, but goodie. Oldbombs are Mr. Mega + Bobs
curse, Mr. Mega, Bobby Bomb. So that's larger damage radius, poison
damage, and homing. Very awesome.

For the next few, I'm going to do something fun and not tell you the
names of these bombs. It'll be up to you to figure out what they are
in two weeks.

____BOMBS (   Y   )
So these lovely items explode like normal bombs, but damage everything
in the room and adds confusion to enemies. Oh yeah, we also get the
lovely shit cloud effect.

____BOMBS :(
Also like normal bombs, these explode, but an added bonus of Tammy's
effect (shooting tears around the bombs).

Aside from exploding, these also do contact fire damage, which I like.
And they leave flames in their wake.

Buuut wait, we're not done. I also want to tell you about a little
collaboration we're doing with Alex Hicks. You may or may not know
him, but you should! I like you he's a huge Isaac fan, logging
hundreds of hours on the original. You can follow him on Twitter:

Ed and I are working with him on an updated release trailer with some
of his 3D magic. I'm going to let him take it over from here.

"I'm 31. I live in Denver, been doing motion graphics professionally
for 10 years.  I wanted to work on a project to teach myself a bit
more 3D and was very hyped by the existing Rebirth trailers. I wanted
to make something moody and atmospheric that super fans like me would
get the most out of. Lots of references and attention to detail.


I sketched the basics out on paper and then started building pieces in
3D. I styled it, timed it and really gave it it's look and feel in
After Effects.


I posted the trailer to Reddit and got great response. Tyrone, Edmund
and Danielle all retweeted it, and eventually got in contact with me
to see about making some adjustments to use it in an official

We broke it down floor by floor and added things to make it tell the
right story and feel more Rebirthy. The guys gave me beta access and
as I played, I'd come across new items/features etc that I thought
would be cool to cameo. I'd go through and do a pass, cramming more
stuff in, and then another and another.


The end result is a much better trailer than I originally created and
something I am very proud to have been a part of! Ed and Tyrone have
been great to work with and I hope to do more with them in the


We're almost exactly two weeks from release. Is your body ready?
Limited Edition silk sceened album print


A very limited edition screen print is now up for sale, each print is numbered and signed by the band and also comes with a code for a free download to the digital album. 

the print is a very large 20 x 20 inches, great for framing :)


again these prints are very limited so get them while you can. 

A quicky

due to a family emergency i havent had access to my pc, so this update will be short and simple.

if you preorder Rebirth on steam, not only will you get 33% off the asking price (if you owned the original) but you will also get yourself a nice pair of Brimstone Horns!


This was one of a few hats that we sent to the TF2 team, Skatole was a big front runner but in the end they didnt really want everyone running around with a wet dump on their heads… you could say they thought they idea was a bit shitty… 


only a few weeks left to preorder! 



since i dont have access to my work pc this weeks content update will come in the form of screen shots that you can speculate on till you explode!

Monstro’s Lung Has Entered the Basement!

Seeing as there are only a few weeks left till Rebirth launches.. this will be the last item post i do.. but its an awesome one.

i give you Monstro’s Lung! (a new personal fave)


The Lung was a very needed charge tear effect that combos with SO MANY ITEMS in amazing ways… but its easier to just show you a few… (sorry about lack of audio fraps was recording my mic only :|)

Again, this week i was supposed to reveal something that people who preorder will get as a bonus.. but sadly that “thing” isnt quite ready yet… next week though im sure ;)

but either way, here is your weekly reminder to preorder isaac on steam now. and just to be clear, you will only get the loyalty bonus IF YOU PREORDER THE GAME. its a bonus to fans who are in the know, so be sure and do it sooner than later, i dont wanna hear any bitchin, on launch, that they didnt get their 33% off! 

till next week folks!

Lazarus has entered the basement!

i said i wasnt going to spoil any new playable characters after Eden… but as some of you know i accidentally unlocked Lazarus during a lets play last week.. so fuck it.


what does he do? how does he play? im not going to tell you! but i will say he feels like a maggy type character to me… 

i did realize that since all the new characters can be seen locked in the character menu.. why not spoil them all before release.. i mean as long as i dont show them in action then im not spoiling too much huh?

this post was supposed to have more to it.. but that more isnt set in stone yet so ill have to cut it a bit short.. but hey i did a post last night as well so what do you want from me!


Reminder, you can buy isaac on steam for 74¢… if you buy it for 74¢ you can get 5$ off of rebirth if you preorder, #LIFEHACKS! tell your friends. (ONLY 10 hours left from the time of this post!)

and finally ill repost the isaac origins mini doc the IGTM peeps did, because its neato and fills up this tiny ass post!

as an extra bonus, right before i posted this Tyrone sent me a new “cheat code” for rebirth to reveal. this one is called BRWN SNKE <enter it as a seed to get this result)


Isaac Turns 3!

3 years to this day The Binding of Isaac was released on steam and after well over 3 million copies sold it still continues to be played obsessively by its ever growing fan base. 

to celebrate this occasion we put isaac on sale for 90% off! (the cheapest its ever been!).. that’s right you can buy the binding of isaac for less than 75 cents!


but as we all know, you already own it, so think of this as your chance to become a true hero! buy a round of isaac for everyone at the bar! “ISAAC FOR EVERYONE” you’ll scream as you throw steam gifts at your buddy list. 

or better yet, buy copies now then gift them later when its back at full price so you dont look like a cheap ass! either way you should buy more copies so people will like you more!


i could go on for days here about the dev of isaac, its meaning and origins in celebration of isaac turning 3… but i think its best done in a video format.

a while back the guys that made IGTM made a mini doc called Binding of Isaac Origins, as part of the Super Special edition of IGTM. well this week you can see it fo free on youtube! 

im constantly asked about the hows and whys when it comes to isaac, and if you have any burning questions about it, this video should cover them all.


as a bonus im going to try and list a few fun facts that aren’t public knowledge. 

- the 1st title for the game was Love Sick, and the 1st build was code named “Tears”, the title “Mom” was also considered before settling on The Binding of Isaac.

- the games title is not only a play on the biblical story of the same name, but also a play on the word structure of The Legend of Zelda

- the sound when you pick up a key is a play on the same sound in gauntlet, i also did this in smb. 

- the original game took me and Florian less than 3 months part time to finish, it was originally planned to be a free flash game that i was going to sell to a sponsor, but after demoing it to a few other devs they convinced me to release it on steam.

- steam had suggested the game sell at 9.99, but we set it to 4.99 because i assumed it was far too weird and inaccessible to catch on and i wanted more to play it. 

- the wrath of the lamb expansion was actually started because my wife Danielle 100%ed the game and wanted more content. (she had well over 500 hours clocked in by that time).

- isaac was originally going to featured 8 bit art, but i decided to go with the hand drawn look to save time. this is why the icon for isaac is an 8bit image.

- ??? (aka blue baby) is a reference to my 1st “game” dead baby dressup and the mascot called “the blue baby”, also my screen name on newgrounds. 

- there was an item in the Halloween update called “the pumpkin mask” that got cut because i hated it. it can still be seen in game when an item goes into an “undefined” state, but has no function.  

- The Sad Onion was the 1st item ever made. In Isaac’s initial design the game featured only 20 items, almost all were just stat padding items which later became the “boss pool”.

- Spoon bender is a reference to uri geller.

- the way isaac wears moms bra is a reference to weird science.

- the necronomicon is an obvious evil dead reference. 

- a lot of the drug references in he game are references to alice in wonderland, a story the game also mirrors ( as well as mario ).

- the teleporter is a nod to Spelunky, one of the games biggest influences. (aside from zelda of course) 

- the dead bird comes from a comic i did about my childhood called thicker than water .

- a lot of isaacs themes reference the movie psycho.

- the icon for brimstone is an alchemy symbol that means Sulfur 


see you tomorrow! <3

More great isaac fan art by Artanielasphyxia

Isaac: The Hardening!

First ill get a few small things out of the way. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth soundtrack went up on steam mid last week for preorder, Sadly steam doesnt support preorder downloads for soundtracks so the only way to listen to a few tracks early is to download via Ridulon’s Bandcamp page. sooo what we did is put the steam soundtrack on a 33% off discount if you pick it up before it official releases with the game on nov. 4th. 

also word on the street is if you set your price to 6.66 when you buy the album on their Bandcamp page, they will send you something… something evil…. 

Speaking of evil, im in the process of finishing up a screen print/tshirt design for the launch of the Rebirth album (and rebirth itself). im not sure when we will get around to printing shirts (or let alone reopening our shop) due to a current move… but rest assured this image will find its way onto something you can pay for!


and just in case you are totally out of the loop you can still preorder the game now on steam and get a 33% off discount if you own the original isaac. PREORDER NOW!


but enough about all that… its time to get Harder!


a few of you know that early in rebirth dev i was toying with the idea of difficulty settings, some of you assumed this meant an easy mode and had a shit fit on the internets… well fit that shit back where it shat from, because there is no easy.. only hard!

a large new feature we added to Rebirth is “Hard Mode”. now i actually dont want to go into great detail on what makes it harder.. because i dont want to spoil too much and we are still technically balancing this aspect of the game. but i can say that some of the more glaring aspects are gaining no hearts from bosses and curses being extremely prominent.. you’d be surprised at how much just these aspects can effect difficulty drastically.. but trust me when i say there are a lot more aspects to hard mode that should make even the most seasoned lets player stain their panties.

we added hard mode to challenge all of you monsters that seem to be able to beat the game 100 times over without dying… (you know who you are) and also as just an extra challenge, once you’ve completed the normal difficulty.



a few notes on hard mode:

-Beating different goals in Hard mode will unlock new content not unlockable on Normal.

-Beating said goals in Hard mode will also unlock any unlocks that would be gained by beating Normal mode (so you can start on hard if you’d like)

-There will be achievements for Hard mode.

-Hard mode will have some visual hud/menu changes so you are always aware if you are playing on Hard. (or watching someone play on Hard)

i can already hear you guys screaming “but how the hell do we keep track of what we have beaten with what characters on what difficulty! RUINED IT! 24/7-4:30GLAZEIT4EVAR!”

well you can shut your filthy mouth! because rebirth will feature something the game had needed for ages… a character completion tracker! 

TADA! (kind of, i had to censor some spoilers)


As you can see there are now icons that will appear for each character as you cycle through them showing what “end game goals” you have completed, i beat mom’s heart with Isaac, see upper left note.

(!spoilers for the original game!)

each character  in the game has a set number of item unlocks when you beat certain points, kill mom, the heart, isaac, satan, chest, etc.

(/!spoilers for the original game!)

these “goals” are now visually tracked on the char. select by showing icons that represent each one. Beating the game on Hard will outline said icon to show you have 100%ed that “goal” for that character.

with 3 new characters and a lot more to see… this makes for a greatly expanded and much more time consuming experience, especially when you add the stuff you guys have no idea even exists yet…   

… so much stuff!

next week isaac turns 3… what should he get for his birthday?

The Everlasting Hymn

The stunning Binding of Isaac: Rebirth soundtrack by Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans aka Ridculon is now up for preorder on both Bandcamp and tomorrow it should be up on Steam.

those of you who preorder rebirth on steam will get 33% off the asking price, and those who like to be generous can offer more on their bandcamp page.

either way anyone who preorders on (edit:9/17) the bandcamp page will get all 5 fully mastered tracks we have spoiled over the months plus my personal favorite track, Everlasting Hymn.

- Steam has no way of allowing for early content to be released when it comes to soundtracks, so preordering on steam will get you the discount, but not the early tracks, that is exclusive to bandcamp -

the full album will feature 31 tracks to give you nightmares and cause a few mosh pits. you can see the full track listing here.

its hard not to gush about how happy i am with this soundtrack, i think its easily one of the best game soundtracks for any game ive worked on and Matthias and Jon really outdid themselves on this album.


maximum volume yields maximum results.



how did i miss this amazing isaac fan art? kudos to the creator!

how did i miss this amazing isaac fan art? kudos to the creator!