This is a donation machine… 


every shop should have one!

in rebirth my one plan of attack, design wise, was to fix the shops. i wanted them to feel more like i originally intended, i want the shop to feel like a means of support, i want it to feature support items that may help curve your run in a specific direction or simply give you more options. in order to do this i approached shops in a few new ways. 

1st, the shop now features a very specific pool of “support items” or shop items. some of these items were part of the pool in the flash version (battery, 9volt, habit, ladder, map, compass and moms purse). this pool has been greatly expanded with more “build specific” items that support stuff like familiars, npcs (flies/spiders), cards/pills and many more.

shops will also feature new pickup items like the lil battery and also feature high price items that you just cant live without!

and finally shops will now feature donation machines!

one of the more common questions i get asked about isaacs design is why didnt i go with a traditional leveling system. well i kinda hate grinding and the isaac system was my answer to it, technically you level up each level by gaining an ability in the treasure room and a stat boost in the boss room and optional support items from the shop.

but what if i played around with an optional progressive leveling system in isaac.. where you make donations to the store to “expand” and upgrade them visually ala animal crossing… what if i staggered out tons of unlockable content via donations that raised the % of the number of items in the store and also unlocked some seriously amazing items?!

and what if i let you put in your credit card info to unlock it all from the start of the game!?!!!

that would make me an abusive, greedy, incompetent asshole…. so we wont add the last part.

but seriously save your credit card for the store… (only the rebirth devs will get this joke, but youll get it too eventually…)

i leave you with this… BRIMSTONE + MOMS KNIFE!


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