SPOILER ALERT! You Unlocked Eden!


i know its kinda logical that you will be seeing spoilers on a dev blog.. but i thought id put spoiler alert on this one simply due to the fact that some people might not want to know about one of the new playable characters in isaac.. 

anyway, meet Eden. 


Eden will be the one and only character ill be officially spoiling on the dev blog and one of a few new playable characters you will be unlocking in rebirth. 

im spoiling Eden, because they have been spoiled in the past. Eden is the fabled “mystery man” ive talked about in interviews before i had a fully realized idea of what they would become… see Eden isnt a man, nor are they a woman.. they just are. 

Eden is a completely randomly generated playable character. 

the most requested thing in isaac was the ability to play with a character with random starting items, and it was something i always wanted to do.. so here is how Eden works.

once you unlock Eden, you will have to earn “mom kill points” to play as them (this makes it so you can just randomly reroll into a build you want and makes Eden more of a risk to play with)

when you start the game as Eden, everything is randomized accordingly. 

-all stats are randomized evenly (including hp) making sure not to ever set any stat so low that they becomes unplayable.

-the player is given 1 random pickup item (coin, bomb, key, pill or card)

-the player is given 2 starting items at random from the current pool of unlocked items in the game (avoiding 2 usable items)

-the player is given 1 of many of Edens white hair styles.. and the game starts.

like all characters in the game Eden will unlock a full set of items that pertain to their play style when you defeat any of the set “final bosses”.

Eden is badass… i think everyone will love/hate using them, and the rewards for completing the game with Eden are so worth the effort.

and that brings this weeks post to a close, a simple but epic reveal… till next time!

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