Be careful.. i don’t wanna lose this baby…

Ok, lets talk co-op.

as many of you know, one of the biggest and easily one of the most fun additions to Rebirth is local single screen co-op.. and here is how it works.

when you are playing isaac, a friend/mom/soul mate can join you by pressing start on the 2nd controller (or 1st controller if you are playing with the keyboard).. like so. 


as you can see, joining a game steals a container heart from the main player and spawns in a little floating baby, i had originally though of them as isaacs imaginary friends, but calling them babies is just more fitting.

when a 2nd player spawns in, both players damage/tears are lowered to balance things a bit, but every aspect of whatever items isaac has at the time of spawning are applied to the baby, including usable items. 


P1 still controls when items are used.. so its good to communicate and strategize.

but it wouldn’t really embody the isaac spirit without some element of random generation… that’s where the baby generator comes in.


each time you start a new game, or a baby dies, when p2 joins a game their baby avatar is randomly picked from a very large list of babies.

a lot of the baby forms are just cosmetic, but there are also quite a few “special babies” that each come with their own abilities.

but a 2nd player is OP as is! doesnt adding special babies make things even more of a walk in the park? well much like pills, every special baby has a “cursed” counter part. so there is just as much of a chance in spawning a baby that will randomly spawn a troll bomb every 1-2 min. as getting a baby that heals p1 when it dies.

aside from normal, special and cursed babies, rebirth will also feature a full set of unlockable babies that are tied to specific characters aka maggy will have a higher % chance of generating a maggy themed baby once you have unlocked it. 

here is a little assumed faq for co-op.

-co-op is local play only.

-co-op IS NOT online in anyway (aka you can only play with someone in real life next to you)

-p2 can only join of p1 has more than one container heart.

-p2 can steal life from p1 by pressing start, but cant steal any life if p1 has only one heart left.

-there are NO co-op related requirements to gain platinum god. 

-there will be some co-op related achievements.

-the game will be balanced so co-op wont be as OP as you would assume

-p2 flys, but cant pick up any items.

-once p2 dies when they respawn their baby is randomly chosen again. 

-p2 can leave play giving p1 back their life at any time, but if they spawn back in they will be using the same baby. 

-its a lot more fun that you would imagine :)

Danielle and i have been playing co-op a ton since it was implemented and i can honestly say it totally changes the experience, its a great addition for anyone who has a friend/significant other to play with and is an awesome way to get new players into the game.


what do you want to see next week? new item? new enemy? or new room type? new challenge? or something totally different? reblog and tell me, you just might get lucky…    

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