(insert size matters joke here)

its time to talk about size! 

ive said many times that rebirth will be much larger than the original + the expansion were, put together, but i thought it might be time to talk more in depth about exactly how.

so 1st off the base game + wrath of the lamb boasted 198 items, currently rebirth features well over 450 items, not to mention a lot more common item pick ups like the lil battery, black heart, new card types and a lot of double items like the key ring.

Rebirth will also feature over 50 new enemies (not counting bosses) and will also include the addition of color specific champion variations that each will have their own new way of killing you.

Rebirth will feature 15+ new bosses, but a new (and very fun) addition to these bosses are the “double trouble” boss fights, kind of like a curse for the boss rooms that forces you to fight 2 previous chapter bosses at once in a larger sized room.


But my personal favorite HUGE addition to rebirth is the number of new rooms and the control i now have over each one.

for those that dont know, isaacs levels are composed of randomly selected rooms placed in a map that forms a logical and completable floor. each of these rooms that can be placed into a floor i design in a level editor.

the old game featured 150 rooms per chapter (basement, caves, depths, etc)… but Rebirth will boast well over 500 rooms per chapter (counting large rooms as 1 room). 

this huge addition of levels makes things a lot more fun and interesting to play, on top of all the new rooms the new level editor allows me to do a lot of stuff i wasnt able to do before. i can now design rooms where doors are turned off, this makes it so i can create more dramatic and cool looking areas. 


rooms now also feature a rarity slider, so i can design a room that is as rare to generate as the error room is to find… but on top of all of this im also now able to make anything in the room have a more rare alt to it. a good example being this room, there is a very small chance those metal bricks turn into rocks so the black heart becomes accessible.. 


these aspects might seem minor, but they allow for a seemingly endless game, to REALLY appear endless… you can only remember so many room layouts :)

finally, rebirth will also feature 5 new special room types (like the arcade, sac room, devil room, etc) i wont be spoiling any of these so you can figure them out yourselves.. but they are all quite cool and im looking forward to reading about what you think the hidden purpose of each is…

i leave you with this…


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